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What are the Advantages of using Enid Cremation Services for cremation?      
One call, one price, We are cremation care experts and since this is the only service we offer you will not have any other confusing options or charges. Every E.C.S. family will receive a dignified urn.

How long does it take until the cremains are ready?
Cremation will be dependent on the availability of the Medical Examiners permit. From the time you first alert us, you should allow about 3 to 8 days for the process to be completed. We will contact you when the urn is available for personal delivery or shipment.

How quickly will I receive the death certificate?
 It usually takes about 14 days after the paperwork is submitted to the State.  With Enid Cremation Services we will not only file the death certificate we also notify social security for each family. The death certificate will be mailed directly to you.

Is it possible to have a final visitation before cremation?
The opportunity for close friends and family to say a final goodbye is before your loved one is transferred to the care of our professionals.

How can I be sure I’m receiving my loved one’s cremated remains back?
The staff at ECS has strict guidelines that we follow.  A stainless steel identification disc is assigned at the actual time of cremation. The disc stays with your loved one throughout the cremation process.

What can be done with the cremated remains?
You have many options. The cremated remains can be buried in a cemetery or columbarium, kept at home, scattered on private property, or scattered at sea at least 3 miles off shore.




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